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All in-home sessions are currently available but they will operate differently until Covid is no longer a threat to your family and our team. Continue reading for more information.

Our plans to keep your family and our team safe

  • Only one organizer will be working in your home (two if necessary)

  • The organizer will arrive wearing a face mask, gloves, and shoe covers.

This is how every session will look like

Socially distancing

During the time we will spent working together (decluttering/sorting) you will also be required to wear a face mask. Anytime you won't be working with the organizer, we highly recommend you stay in a separate room or space.

For everyone safety

If you or someone in your home are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, we encourage you to reschedule.

Please keep in mind

By purchasing our in-home services, you have agree to have an organizer come into your home. Although we will be taking the required precaution by wearing gloves and mask, the CDC confirmed that these items will not 100% protect you from Covid-19 transmission. Please be reminded that there is always a possibility for exposure even if symptoms are not visible. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any transmission of the virus and cannot be help accountable if symptoms become visible after our sessions. If anyone or environment seems unsafe we have the right to refuse our services.

We are looking forward to working with you and help you get organize for a better and more successful life.

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