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The top 5 benefits to having an organized home

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

“Are there any benefits to getting my house organized? I mean my house will probably get disorganized within a few minutes after my kids get through with it anyway!”

Sis, I hear you loud and clear and just like anything in life there are pros and cons. But, can I be honest for just a quick second? I honestly don’t believe there are any cons to getting and staying organized. Once your home is organized and done the right way it’s nearly impossible for it to become disorganized within a few minutes or days by you or anyone, especially those little humans. The only thing that is required of you and your family is regular and scheduled maintenance with daily habits.

It's all about establishing healthy habits

Daily habits look different for everyone. The healthy habits you're going to pick up have to align with you and your family's goals, lifestyle, and the daily function of your home.

Here are a few examples:

-Putting whatever you took out of the pantry back where you found it.

-Dealing with everything you bring in the home such as mail or packages the minute you enter through your door.

-Resist the urge to buy things just because they're on sale! (you don't even have any more space for it)

Scheduled maintenance will become so easy if daily habits are implemented by everyone in the home. Having a home that is organized will give you peace of mind, put order back into your home, saves you time, money, and it will enhance your relationships which then bring happiness.

Peace of mind

Walking into a home that is disorganized and messy after a long day can be the most devastating, frustrating, and stressful thing for a person. Once your home is organized your mind will always be at peace even when the kids make a mess. How? because a good organization is matched with great and functional systems that allow you to be a human being living in real life. Messes happen but with a system in place, you no longer have to let it get to you.

Put order back in your home

Nothing makes a woman feel like she has no control over her life and her home more than a house filled with cluttered. You've spent all day caring for your babies, probably cleaned for the 100th time today with a sink full of dishes! Now you're questioning whether or not you did anything for the day. You’re not you when your home is out of order sis. get it? snicker commercial? Anxiety and depression can start creeping up on you fast. An organized home will make you feel empowered to put order back in it.

Save time

Time is the most expensive thing and once it's gone that's it! you can't get it back. I don’t know about you friends but absolutely no one has the time to spend two hours searching for an item that they need only to lose it again under all the piles. Well, organizing will save you that time to spend with your loved ones, do the things you love, and have extra time to visit those great God-giving ideas you put away a long time ago.

Save Money

If you’re not someone who enjoys saving money then organizing is not for you. Don’t spend your hard-earned money by buying the same items you already have hidden inside your fridge, pantry, and closets. You’re only buying that black dress or the new kitchen appliance because you don’t know where you placed the one you already have! Once your home is organized you will see how much money you can save. If the year 2020 taught us anything, making a wiser decision with our finances is on top of some of our list. Wal-Mart says it best "save money, live better"

Enhances relationships and bring happiness

This one is very simple, if you and your spouse are experiencing all 4 of the benefits I mentioned above then there’s no telling how much your relationship will improve! Everyone will be in a much better mood once your home is organized. Everything will have a home, you will know where everything is and how to find them. Disorganization puts tension on relationships all the time especially when everyone in the home start blaming each other for the poor condition of their environment. I'm here to tell you that there's a better way and an organized home may be the one thing your relationship is missing. A great way to start caring about yourself internally is to care for the things on the outside. #outwardinoraganizing

These are just five benefits I listed but there are so many more! Getting organized doesn’t happen overnight, after all, it took years for disorganization to take place. Getting organized can be scary and most definitely overwhelming especially if you don’t know where and how to start. The best approach to take when dealing with clutter is taking baby steps. dealing with one space at a time can go a long way. If your schedule is busy with no time to take a breather let alone organize every inch of your home, then it's time to give us a call. We can redefine your space in a matter of days, weeks, or a couple of months depending on your organizing needs. We are a judgment-free company that cares about setting our clients and their families up for success through organizational systems. My in-home service exists for women like you who are fed up with the condition of their home. It is a done for your type of service.

I hope this blog help and inspires you to get organized once and for all so that you can reap all those benefits I listed above. You deserve to live a life that is filled with happiness, peace, and success. One of the ways to show self-love is by taking better care of your environment.

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