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Last updated July 15, 2022


Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer money-back or any refunds for our services once work has been completed. We are passionate about meeting your goals and expectations, we care for your items as if it is our own. Our goal is to provide you with the best services to your satisfaction. We work together with you and provide honest and open communication throughout our time together.

Outward-In Organizing does not guarantee a full refund for the cancellation of its services. If you ever change your mind about any of our services after paying, Outward-In Organizing will issue any refund or cancellation according to the policy here within.


  •  If you decide that we’re not the perfect fit and no longer want us to begin our agreed service at all, you are welcome to ask for a full refund within 72 hours after making payment. This applies to all non-business days as well (For example: if you purchase on Friday, you must cancel by Monday at the latest to receive a refund.)


  •  If you contact outward-In organizing about a project that has already begun, Outward-In Organizing will refund you accordingly after deducting proportionally to the service that has been provided.


  •  If you signed up for a service and Outward-In Organizing is not able to do the project for you at the moment then, a full refund will be issued excluding any working hours already dedicated (if any)


  •  In the case of any false information provided by you, Outward-In Organizing will not refund partial or full amounts in the case project has already started or completed


  •  Outward-In Organizing does not offer any refunds for money spent on purchased products, for services that are already completed, and other miscellaneous charges that are nonrecoverable by Outward-In Organizing.

Please Note
If your account has still been charged after requesting a refund or cancellation within the time period in this policy. Outward-In Organizing will refund 100% of that amount.

All refunds and cancellations must be made in writing and will only be considered valid once you have received a confirmation email from Outward-In Organizing. The confirmation email will act as proof of the cancellation service

Decisions regarding Donating, trash, or recycled items will ultimately be made by the client. Outward-In Organizing will consult the client, and give advice and guidance, but will not be held responsible for decisions made. Outward-In Organizing will not be held responsible for any acts of nature or other factors beyond its control that may affect the quality of its services.


​Any revisions made to the services above will be made official through the completion of a change order form. Verbal agreements will not be considered binding.




If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: 

Please includes "Cancel Order" in the subject line.

Include your full name, email, and service you want to cancel.

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